Exercising Your Way To A Healthy Life – Exercises That Are Recommended For Weight Loss Programs

There’s no easy way to losing weight and it is not healthy to starve yourself in order to become slim. Unfortunately many people think that eating less and going on diets is the only way to lose weight. In order to lose weight and successfully keep it off, you need to exercise. Nothing good comes easy – so with the help of exercises as well as eating right, you can permanently keep your weight low and your body healthy. Exercising is a great way to keep in shape and also helps in increasing your metabolism which in turns help you burn off more calories and lose weight faster. Think of it as a vicious cycle, but one that benefits you. Here are a few exercises that could help you be a slimmer, trimmer you.

  • Walking

Any trainer, nutritionist, health advisor will advise you that the minimum requirement to making sure that your body is fit and healthy is to walk. What makes walking such a great exercise is that you don’t require any expensive equipment apart from a good pair of walking shoes. It also does not damage any parts of your body or strain them as it is a relatively low impact exercise unlike running. For people who are looking to get fit, want to maintain their level of fitness or are looking to lose weight should make it a habit to walk every day. Just walking for 45 minutes daily at four mph could help you lose up to a pound weekly.


  • Kettlebells

These are cast iron balls that have only a single handle instead of a bar. What makes this a great tool for your workout is that its weight is unbalanced which makes your body work that much harder to stabilize you and also counterbalance the kettlebell’s weight. Using a Kettlebell and doing exercises with it can help you lose up to 400 calories in twenty minutes and also helps to strengthen your core, stabilizes your muscles and improves your posture and balance. The equivalent of working out with a Kettlebell has been compared to a six mile run.

  • Swimming

This is a great form of exercise as it makes sure that all parts of your body are given a good workout. Whether you’re looking to tone up your muscles or are looking to lose weight, swimming can help you lose from 400-700 calories in a single hour. As your body only bears 10% of its body weight in water while facing nearly 12 times the resistance as compared to air, swimming makes sure you get the workout you need.

  • Cycling

This is an activity that generates high rewards, without damaging or placing undue stress on your joints. This doesn’t require a person to be extremely fit to try out and even a beginner can try it out and have fun. Outdoor cycling is considered to be the best as an irregular terrain ensures that your body has a well rounded workout. Instead of driving to work, you could try biking it as this will not only stimulate endorphins and boost your metabolism, but it will also save you gas money. Seems like a win-win situation to me.


  • Elliptical Trainer

If you have an elliptical trainer in the gym or at home, you could not only work out your upper body but also work out your lower body due to the trainer that mimics the action of running without the stresses of running. You can choose the intensity level to raise the difficulty so that you always end up challenging yourself.



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