1. Are weight loss plans healthy?

If a plan is constructed and designed specifically for your physique and requirements, it is a good option. This is important because if you are overweight or looking to maintain your weight, it is good to have a plan that you can stick to. Also, a weight loss program will advise you on what foods are good, what to avoid and what exercises to do.

  1. Is snacking between meals a bad idea?

This is not always the case. This is because when we hear that familiar rumble in our stomachs, it is actually our tummy telling us that it needs food. Our body is the best person to listen to. If you feel hungry, you should eat. But the main point is that you should eat small portion of healthy food. Instead of bingeing on chocolates or having lots of slices of pizza, you should have a small meal or snack that can keep the hunger pangs at bay. Having these small meals throughout the day keeps you from feeling too hungry and overeating at meal times.

  1. Is the whole point of following a diet only to lose weight?

Many Diet plans and weight loss programs will tell you that you will lose such and such amount. That is all well and good, but the whole point is not only to lose weight, but to lose it in a healthy manner and be able to maintain the desired weight later. Many people think that losing weight is just to simply cut down on the quantity you at or even to cut back on meals. This is not healthy as your body needs food to function and it needs certain foods to keep your body’s metabolic rate functioning. Think of it this way, if you cut back on eating, you are cutting off the energy supply to your body, so how can your body burn off the fat in order to keep you slim?

  1. What are the best weight loss programs in the market?

As of now, Weight Watchers is the best weight loss program and many people claim to have lost the most weight with this program. However, HMR Program, Biggest Loser and Jenny Craig follow close behind it in terms of popularity. However, you should decide on the one that works best with your requirements and budget.

  1. Is it healthy to cut back on major food groups while dieting?

You should not remove any major food groups from your diet because they all have a special role to play in keeping your body healthy. From the correct type of fats, to proteins, carbohydrates and other minerals, your body needs a certain amount of each to keep you healthy. By suddenly eliminating any from your daily intake could affect the functioning of your body adversely. What you should do is to be careful of the amount of calories you have in your diet. Your meals should be well balanced in order to live a healthy life.



You know, sometimes it feels so strange to look into the mirror and see a different me staring back at me. When I was a kid, I was rather podgy but everyone said it was baby fat and that I would grow out of it.Unfortunately for me, I never shed those pounds and as I grew older

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