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Water Works: Drinks That Could Aid Weight Loss

Water has always been featured in many Weight Loss Programs, simply because it is so beneficial to your bodies. As our bodies are 70% water, it stands to reason that we must drink a substantial amount to remain healthy. You may have heard the practice of drinking warm lemon water in the mornings to aid weight loss. While this is a great way to lose weight, we shall look into which drinks help weight loss and why.

  • Warm Lemon Water

Drinking this mixture every day, first thing in the morning is a great practice not only because of the lemon which does contain Vitamin C, but also contains potassium which gives your body that much needed boost. Only drinking water is beneficial in itself, as your body needs to replenish what has been lost. When you sleep, you are essentially not drinking nay water for 8 hours which means that your body will thank you in the morning if you drink water. In addition to this, researchers have found that drinking warm water increases metabolism and can leave you with clearer skin.


  • Coffee

This is a natural energy drink that is a gift from nature. According to studies, just drinking a cup or two before your workout can leave you wanting to exercise for longer and harder as compared to a caffeine free work out day. This ultimately leads to you losing more calories. But the trick to this is to have it black – no milk or sugar because that would be countering the benefits of your caffeine fueled workout.

  • Iced Water

Yes, shock your body into losing weight. Forget about the lemon, just a few ice cubes could do the trick. This is because your body has to work harder to maintain the optimum body temperature of 98.6 degrees. Simply drinking a glass or two a day of ice water could help your body in burning up to a hundred calories. So if you’re feeling a little lazy and don’t want to hit the gym, just drink up some ice water to get your body working hard. If you repeat this procedure daily, you could lose up to ten pounds over the course of a single year. That is a lot to lose with minimal effort which is why it makes it a great and popular way of losing weight. It also helps that water itself is free of calories which makes it the ideal drink for weight loss programs.


  • Green Tea

Many cultures have been drinking this tea for centuries and this is because it has so many benefits. The first thing is that it has no calories. The second is that it encourages fat burn as well as weight loss. According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, people who drank four cups of green tea daily lost nearly six pounds more as compared to people who only drank plain water. The European Journal of Nutrition published research that revealed that people who drank regular green tea weighed less as well had smaller waists. This could be due to the caffeine and antioxidants that are present in green tea. It is best to have freshly brewed hot green tea as often as possible instead of store bought ones as the latter may have a lot more added sugar which will be detrimental to your weight loss program. It is also advisable to avoid green tea supplements as they may cause damage to your liver and may be unsafe.



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